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Published : Dec. 17, 2018
Created : Dec. 17, 2018
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Normally, this error could occur if the client unable to connect the BDR Server backup port(default 32004) (or) if the VembuBDR services are not running in the server machine (or) if the backup port is already been used by the other application.


Try following the below-mentioned steps to resolve this error:

Step 1: Confirm if the client is able to connect the Backup Server Backup Port (default 32004) by executing the below command in the VembuBDR Client system through the command prompt:

            telnet <Server Name/IP Address> <Backup Port>
            Example: telnet 10.x.x.x 32004

Step 2: If the telnet command doesn't work, then check the firewall configuration of the VembuBDR Server and make sure the Backup Port (default 32004) is open for the incoming traffic

Step 3: Check that the VembuBDR services are running in your VembuBDR Server machine and the Backup Port is in LISTEN state by executing the following commands in VembuBDR Backup Server system:

            netstat -an | find <Backup Port> [in Windows OS] 
            netstat -an | grep <Backup Port> [in Linux OS]

Step 4: If Backup Port is not in LISTEN state, then start the VembuBDR in the Backup Server.

Step 5: If the Backup Port is in LISTEN state and telnet command fails, make sure the Backup Port is open in the Backup Server network's NAT/Firewall settings.

Step 6: Also confirm that both the backup server and the client are configured with the same Backup Port (by default, the port should be 32004). Verify this by checking the /conf/SGConfiguration.conf file both at client and server end.

Note: Refer the following URL to know more about NAT/Firewall configurations. Nat-firewall-configuration.html

If the issue still persists even after following the above steps, then contact vembu-support@vembu.com

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