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Published : Dec. 14, 2018
Created : Dec. 14, 2018
Last Modified : Dec. 14, 2018


To Migrate internal database files of Vembu NetworkBackup Client from one location to another


In Vembu NetworkBackup client when more no of files are added to the backup job, the internal meta information (sgprp database) that are created to store the file information would continue to grow larger in size. In case the meta information storage location is not having enough space for write, then follow the below steps to migrate the data to some other location.


Please follow the below steps to change the location of the Data storage location of the Vembu NetworkBackup client:

Step 1: Stop Vembu NetworkBackup Service from "Services.msc"

Step 2: Open the Vembu NetworkBackup SGConfiguration file from the following location:


Step 3: Edit the Vembu NetworkBackup DB Storage location by changing the "<vembunetworkbackup><configuration><dbstoragelocation>" tag, "Path" attribute value to some other location, having enough disk space, say "D:\VembuNetworkBackup\" and save the configuration file

Step 4: Create a data folder in the new location (like D:\VembuNetworkBackup\data)

Step 5: Move the "\data.db." files and the <backup name=""> sub-folders present in the <old db="" location="">\data\ folder to the data\ folder under the new DBStorage location, i.e, "D:\VembuNetworkBackup\data"

Step 6: Start Vembu NetworkBackup Service from "Services.msc"

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