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Published : Oct. 29, 2018
Created : Oct. 29, 2018
Last Modified : Jan. 7, 2020


To run multiple backup jobs simultaneously on the Client\Server side.

Steps to be followed to perform multiple jobs concurrently:

1) Stop Vembu client/server services in services.msc.

2) Open the configuration file: <Vembu Home/Install_path/conf/SGConfiguration.conf> file in a text editor.

3) Edit the first ThreadCount tag next to the <module startmodule="601"> and modify its value to your required concurrent jobs count(ThreadCount=6), the default value will be 5.

4) From v4.0.1, the same configuration file contains another tag named ‘ThreadCountPerHost’ and its value is set as 1 by default. However, you can change the value of ThreadCountPerHost as per your requirement so that backups configured from the host(VMware\Hyper-V Servers) will run simultaneously as per the configured value.

5) Save and close the configuration file.

6) Start Vembu client/server services in services.msc.

Note: Normally we recommend our customers to run fewer concurrent backups to avoid performance-related issues.

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