KB ID : 115089
Published : Oct. 1, 2018
Created : Oct. 1, 2018
Last Modified : Oct. 1, 2018


Normally this error will occur in an MSSQL server backup, if the configured databases are not available/removed/deleted (or) got corrupted (or) If there is any problem in connectivity with particular databases.


  1. Check whether if the configured Database is available in the original location.

  2. Need to check whether the configured database is in listening state.

  3. Need to check whether the name of the database entered is same as in backup job configured.

If the database has been removed from the MSSQL server and you want to remove the same database from the backup job then go to edit that backup jobs and save the configuration.

To edit backup jobs:

Go to VembuBDR server console -> Top menu Backup -> click List jobs tab -> list of jobs -> click edit icon of particular backup and without making any changes save the backup configuration.

Note: Old backed up data will be available in the backup server for future restore even after you remove the database from the backup job.

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