KB ID : 115085
Published : July 31, 2018
Created : July 31, 2018
Last Modified : Sept. 18, 2018

Follow the below steps when MAC address of your machine has been changed and you are unable to log into the web console of Vembu client:

1) Open Services via run command → Type services.msc.

2) Find Vembu client service(Vembu NetworkBackup/Vembu ImageBackup/Vembu VMBackup).

3) Right click over it and stop the service.

4) Go to Installation Directory of Vembu Client and open the ‘Conf’ folder.

5) Delete the following file: macInfo.dtls.

6) Go to services and start the Vembu client service.

Try logging into Vembu client web console for successful verification.

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