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Published : Feb. 8, 2018
Created : Feb. 8, 2018
Last Modified : Feb. 8, 2018


To enable event viewer logs in Vembu BDR suite of products: Vembu BDR, Vembu OffsiteDR and proxy agents (Vembu VMBackup, Vembu ImageBackup, Vembu NetworkBackup, Vembu OnlineBackup).


By default, event logger option will be disabled in Vembu BDR suite and can be enabled by editing the configuration file: SGConfiguration.conf which is located at: ‘<Installation_Location>/Conf’ folder.


  • Event Log option is available for Windows Platform only.
  • Applies to Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0 and later.

Steps to Enable Event Logs:

  • Go to following folder location: <vembu_product_installation_location>/conf and locate SGConfiguration.conf file.
  • The tag for event logger can be found as follows in configuration file:

         <Event IsEnabled="0" MaxCount="1000" PruneBy="3">
             <EventType Status="CRITICAL_EVENT" IsEnabled="0">
             <EventType Status="MAJOR_EVENT" IsEnabled="0">
             <EventType Status="WARNING" IsEnabled="0">
             < EventType Status="INFORMATION" IsEnabled="0" >
  • Enable Event IsEnabled tag by changing its value to ”1” from “0” and now Event Logger option is enabled.
         Tags under the Event Logger option explained:
    • The MaxCount tag refers to the event count that can be viewed in Event Viewer.
    • PruneBy tag refers to the timespan of events to be logged where:
      • 1 refers a day
      • 2 refers a week and
      • 3 refers a month

    • Users can also choose event type to be logged based on its severity using EventType Status tag where it is further classified into:
      • These event types can be enabled by changing the IsEnabled value to “1” from “0” alongside respective value.

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