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Published : Jan. 31, 2018
Created : Jan. 31, 2018
Last Modified : Jan. 31, 2018


When a user changes ESXi hostname or IP after it being configured in Vembu BDR, there is no option in Vembu BDR console to mirror the change.


In order to infuse the ESXi hostname/IP change, the user needs to manually alter database value. Follow the below steps in order to modify ESXi hostname/IP in VMBackup client and Vembu BDR server respectively:

VMBackup Client:

  • Stop VMBackup client.
  • Open command prompt and change directory to VMBackup client installation location using cd command.
  • By default, the installation location will be:
             <OS Installation Drive>\Program Files\Vembu\VembuVMBackup
  • Run the following command to start SQLite:
             Lib\sqlite\sqlite3.exe data\sgclient.db
  • Use following query to update ESXi hostname/IP:
             update VMWARE_SERVER_LIST set HOST_MACHINE_NAME = “New_Host_Name/IP” where HOST_MACHINE_NAME = “Old_Host_Name/IP”;
  • Start VMBackup client.

Vembu BDR Server:

  • Stop Vembu BDR server.
  • Open PostgreSQL using command prompt and type following command:
             psql -Upostgres -p 32010
  • You will be prompted to enter a password, provide it. The default password is “admin”.
  • Connect to SGDatabase using the following command:
             \c SGDatabase
  • Update the ESXi hostname/IP using below query:
             update VMWARE_SERVER_LIST set SERVER_IP='New_Host_Name/IP' where SERVER_IP='Old_Host_Name/IP';
  • Start Vembu BDR server.
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