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Published : Sept. 15, 2017
Created : Sept. 15, 2017
Last Modified : Sept. 15, 2017


The error "NBDERRNetwork_Connect" occurs when ESXi/vCenter network becomes unstable during VMware backup/replication/recovery while trying to read VM’s disk data.


  • Check the nslookup of ESXi server from Vembu agent and vice-versa.
  • Check if we can telnet to port 902 of ESXi from Vembu agent and vCenter.
  • Need to check network connectivity of ESXi host.
  • This issue can occur if the TCP port(s) required for the VMware agent is blocked.
  • To resolve the issue, ensure that the following TCP ports are open in hypervisor:

    • Port 22
    • Port 80 and 443 ( if not customised else use custom port )
    • Port 902
  • Also ensure datastore (iSCSI, NFS ) added to ESXi host has stable network connectivity from ESXi host.

When above mentioned solution is not still working out then please contact our Vembu support by providing us with backup log and vsphere log of the job to sort out the error.

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