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Published : Sept. 15, 2017
Created : Sept. 15, 2017
Last Modified : Sept. 15, 2017


When VembuIntegrationService (VIS) is already installed in a Hyper-V host machine and if we try to add the same host in Vembu BDR backup server console it throws an error "VIS is already running on the host machine”.


Need to uninstall existing VIS from Hyper-V host. Follow the below steps for manual uninstallation

Step-1: If the Hyper-V host is not a core OS machine

  • Go to ‘Control panel → Programs’ and select ‘Uninstall a program’.
  • Select VembuIntegrationService and select ‘Uninstall’.

Step-2: If the Hyper-V host is Core OS based then

  • Open Task Manager using: Ctrl-Shift-Esc.
  • Go to “File” menu and click on “New task” option.
  • Type cmd and enter.
  • To open the command prompt with Admin Privilege and if the logon account doesn’t have administrator privileges.

    Run the command “runas /user:administrator cmd” press enter and it will prompt for administrator password. On providing administrator password, it will open new command prompt with administrator privilege.

  • Execute the following command in command prompt with administrator privilege

    wmic product where name="VembuIntegrationService" call uninstall

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