KB ID : 115052
Published : Aug. 9, 2017
Created : Aug. 9, 2017
Last Modified : Aug. 9, 2017


While installing Vembu BDR Server in the linux machine, PostgreSQL installation may fail sometimes with an error message “postgresql : unrecognized service“. This may happen due to conflict of background database updates or auto updates of the software packages on the Linux machine that are in progress.


Follow the steps to prevent PostgreSQL installation from failure

  • Make sure the background Linux machine software updates are not in progress while installing.
  • If PostgreSQL installation fails, make on-top installation of Vembu BDR with the same build setup again, once after background update gets completed.
  • To check whether PostgreSQL is installed successfully, make sure that PostgreSQL and Vembu BDR server is running in the services.
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