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Published : Aug. 8, 2017
Created : Aug. 8, 2017
Last Modified : Jan. 31, 2023


This KB article assists you with the steps for converting to ‘BDRSuite Backup Server Free Edition’ after 30 days of trial period expiry.


Once BDRSuite trial period expires, you can either register BDRSuite Backup Server with BDRSuite Portal to purchase licenses or you can continue with BDRSuite Backup Server Free Edition.

Following steps will allow users to continue with BDRSuite Backup Server Free Edition after trial period expiry:

Step 1: Once trial period expires, register BDRSuite Backup Server with the portal account by going through menu "Backup Server Tile -> Management -> License Menu.

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You have two options inside "Register Server with BDRSuite Portal"

  • I want to create a new BDRSuite Account and register the server with this account.

  • I want to register the server with my existing BDRSuite Portal account.

If customer wants to register to a new account, the first option should be chosen, if the customer already has an account and wants to register the server to an existing account need to click on the next option.

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If you click on the second option;

image description

Step 2: After registration, perform ‘Run License Check’ from the Backup Server web console to reflect the changes in BDRSuite Backup Server.

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Step 3: Then click on the Backup Server Tile -> Management ->Edition Menu.

image description

image description

Step 4: After successful activation, please log out and log in to BDRSuite Backup Server web console for the changes to reflect.

If Already registered server , then you can go to Backup Server Tile -> Management ->Edition Menu and change edition.

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