KB ID : 115046
Published : Aug. 8, 2017
Created : Aug. 8, 2017
Last Modified : Aug. 8, 2017


Normally the above issue is caused when unixODBC is upgraded automatically during system update which is not compatible with Vembu BDR\Vembu OffsiteDR.


  • Please uninstall the upgraded unixODBC package using the below command on your Ubuntu Server:

    Sudo apt-get remove unixODBC or unixodbc

  • Once the package is removed please proceed running the Vembu BDR\OffsiteDR Installer to install the supported unixODBC package for Vembu BDR\OffsiteDR server.

  • Once it is done, the issue with Web console login will be resolved.

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