KB ID : 115044
Published : Aug. 8, 2017
Created : Aug. 8, 2017
Last Modified : Aug. 8, 2017


In Vembu NetworkBackup, configuration of backups including retention values are stored in configuration files of Vembu BDR server. If the values are not updated correctly in the configuration file, then listing of restore point doesn’t obey the retention value set.


This is a random occurance issue and you can resolve by changing the below values in configuration file.

Backup Configuration file(sbc) will be located in the Backup Storage Repository. You need to find the exact repo folder for the backup and navigate through the below mentioned path.

  • Please navigate to BackupStorageLocation/Repo[number]/[ClientName]/[Backup_Name]/conf folder.
  • Under the conf folder, you need to open the .sbc file using notepad and make the following changes
  • Under "RetentionForVersionFiles" tag, change the attribute value for 'RetentionType' to -1. Once done save the file and now check the restore point for the backup.
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