Migration of Vembu BDR v3.7 and Above [Server Running PostgreSQL] from one machine to another

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Published : May 11, 2017
Created : May 11, 2017
Last Modified : March 27, 2018


To migrate Vembu BDR server(using PostgreSQL) from one machine to another in both physical and virtual environments.

Machine A – Old Backup Server machine.

Machine B – New Backup Server machine.


Steps to be done in Machine A :

A1: Stop VembuBDR Service in ‘services.msc’.

A2: Go to ‘VembuBDR-Home’ folder and copy the following sub-folders completely as they are essential for migration: data, Plugin-data and conf.

A3: Open command prompt with administrative privileges and navigate the folder location to ‘PostgreSQL-Home\bin’ folder. Now execute the following command to take PostgreSQL database dump:

            pg_dump.exe -Upostgres -F c -b -f "Dumpfile_location" -d SGDatabase

Eg: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.6\bin>pg_dump.exe -Upostgres -F c -b -f "C:\Dump.sql" -d SGDatabase

Note: The above command once executed will require PostgreSQL password, make sure you provide the correct password to proceed further.

A4: Copy the below mentioned items and save it collectively under a folder named “VembuBDRServerRebuild”:

  • ‘Plugin-data’, ‘data’ and ‘conf’ folders (Taken from ‘VembuBDR-Home’ which typically will be C:\Program Files\Vembu\VembuBDR).
  • Storage data (‘sgstorage’ folder from drives configured as storage for VembuBDR server). [When more than one drive is configured for storage, make sure you copy them under separate folders named after drive letters for ease of access. For example, when E and H drives are configured as storage drives: E:\sgstorage, H:\sgstorage. Copy sgstorage under two folders named: E and H respectively.]

  • PostgreSQL dump - dump file created in step A3 with the name ‘Dump.sql’.

Steps to be done in Machine B:

B1: Download BDR server installer from Vembu Downloads and make sure the version is same as Vembu BDR running in machine A.

B2: Run the installer with administrator privileges. Note: Once installation completes, make sure Vembu BDR service is not started. If started, then stop the service.

B3: Open CMD prompt with administrator privileges and run below command from PostgreSQL installation location to import the dumped database:

pg_restore -d SGDatabase --format=c -Upostgres "Postgres Dump File Location"

Ex: pg_restore -d SGDatabase --format=c -Upostgres "D:/Dump.sql"

B4: Open ‘VembuBDR-Home’ location and replace the following sub-folders with the sub-folders copied from Machine A: ‘data’, ‘Plugin-data’ and ‘conf’ (Step A4).

B5: Copy storage data (‘sgstorage’ folder) to storage location in Machine B. Make sure the drive letters of storage location in Machine B is as same as Machine A( E and H as mentioned in step A4), then start VembuBDR service after ensuring all information are updated correctly.

Note: If the drive letters of storage location is different between Machine A and Machine B, then kindly contact Vembu support for further assistance with migration process.

B6: Once Vembu BDR service is started in Machine B, ensure the backups are resumed and running successfully.

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