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Published : Sept. 13, 2016
Created : Sept. 13, 2016
Last Modified : Sept. 17, 2018


Problem while assigning network details for recovered VM from Hyper-V Backup.


IP address will be assigned only if the latest version of Hyper-V integration service is running in the virtual machines which are going to be backed up. To ensure the Guest VMs to be backed up is having updated Integration Services, follow the below steps before configuring a backup job

  • Open Hyper-V Guest VM Console

  • Navigate to Menu Bar on Virtual Machine Console

  • Click “Action” option in Menu Bar

  • “Action” option will list some actions, select the last action: “Insert Integration Services Setup Disk”

  • A DVD drive will get inserted and a prompt window will appear on screen, asking “Install Hyper-V Integration Services”. Click on the “Install Hyper-V Integration Services” option.

  • A prompt window will appear on screen showing the current version of Hyper-V Integration Services and if it is not up-to-date then the user will be prompted to click 'Yes' to upgrade the Integration Services to the latest version.

If the current version of Hyper-V Integration Services is already up to date then the prompt window will show “This computer is already running the current version of Integration Services.

Note: From Windows Server 2016 (or Windows 10) onwards, Microsoft performs an automatic update of the Hyper-V integration components resides in the guest OS via Windows Update. Hence, once after successful completion of the Windows update, we recommend enabling the ‘Guest services’ option of the individual virtual machines which needs to be backed up.

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