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Published : May 5, 2016
Created : May 5, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


To successfully mount and unmount the image backups on the Windows backup server.

Steps to mount and unmount image backups on the VembuVirtualDrive from the Windows backup server console.

Once image backup from Vembu VMBackup & Vembu ImageBackup gets completed successfully, you can mount the backup on the backup server side to access image files (VHD,VHDx,VMDK & IMG) from Vembu VirtualDrive.

  1. Goto Vembu BDR console-> Top menu Management > Click Server Management -> Manage Virtual Drive.

  2. You will be able to view a list of backups available for virtual drive mount /unmount-> Click the button "Mount" of particular backup that you want to mount. Once you have clicked, the following alert will be shown:

    “Are you sure you want to Mount the backup data in the Virtual drive ?”-> Click "Yes" button.

  3. Now open the windows explorer in the machine and open the VembuVirtualDrive, where you can view image files (VHD,VHDx,VMDK & IMG).

  4. Then Click “Start → Run“ on Windows and enter “diskmgmt.msc” -> Click “OK”. The disk Management dialog box gets appeared on the screen .

Then go to Action ->Click Attach VHD -> Click Browser ->Specify the path ( i.e VembuVirtualDrive\client name\backup name\time stamp(eg: TimeStamp\VHD \ Full and incremental related VHD files will be listed. Please select any one of the VHD file from the listed VHD files and click OK. The new disk will be mounted where you can access and copy the specific files or folders from the mounted virtual disk.

  1. After the recovery process completes, right click the disk to detach the attached VHD file.

  2. And then unmount the backup by going through Vembu BDR console-> Top menu Management > Click Server Management -> Manage Virtual Drive -> Click “Unmount” button to continue with the backups further.

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