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Published : April 5, 2016
Created : April 5, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


This error message would occur if there is no disk space available in the system to store the session data.


Vembu BDR writes session information in a file. These session files will maintain the user login information like logged-in time, authenticated user, username,some PHP and Vembu BDR application informations. These files will get deleted automatically once the user logs-out successfully. Since these files are maintained in the Vembu BDR installation directory, we request you to maintain at least minimum of 200 MB free space in the installation directory.

In case you receive the above error in the index page or any page in the web console, Kindly cleanup disk in which you have installed the Vembu BDR and check if the issue gets resolved.

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