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Published : April 1, 2016
Created : April 1, 2016
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Need to configure the email settings and receive the email reports for Backups\Restore.


SMTP server settings are needed for setting up Email reports. Please login to your web console and go to Email Settings page to enable it. Here, it allows you to configure SMTP Server settings and specify recipient(s) for Email notification.

  • Outgoing (SMTP) Server - This is the SMTP server that Vembu VMBackup uses to send the email. This will most probably be the same server as the one you use in your email client (Outlook, Eudora etc.). If you are not sure, check with your Systems Administrator.

  • More Options Link - If you click on the "More Options" link, you will be shown a couple more of advanced options.

  • Outgoing (SMTP) Server Port Number - By default, SMTP servers use port number 25. By any chance it is different in your case, you can provide the port number here.

  • This SMTP Server Requires Authentication - If your outgoing server (SMTP server) requires authentication before it can accept an email for sending out, you need to check this checkbox. You will get the following four options to configure the username, password, authentication type and the SMTP Secure Protocol.

    • User Name - Enter the user name. This will mostly be the same user name you use in your email client to receive mails.

    • Password - Enter the password for the above user name.

    • Authentication Type - Provide the type of authentication required by the SMTP server. If you are not sure, leave it with the default value "AUTO".

    • Sender Email ID - Provide the email ID of the sender from which the reports should be emailed. The email will be delivered to recipients from the Sender Email ID that you provide here.

    • Test Mail Server - Once you have entered the SMTP server details, click on the link "Test Mail Server" and check if it works by entering an Email ID in the 'To Email ID' field and then clicking on "Send Test Email". A test email will be sent to the 'To Email ID'. If you don't receive the test email, check the SMTP server settings again.

Please do take a look at the below example to configure the email settings

  1. Under SMTP configuration, please fill up the below information correctly,

    SMTP server name : smtp.gmail.com (for gmail account) SMTP server port number : 465

    (Please be informed, the SMTP server name and port number should be exactly correct as per your domain email that you are going to use to configure the email settings)

  2. Under SMTP authentication details,

    The option "This SMTP server requires authentication " should have a tick.

    • Username : (Type your complete email address)
    • Password : (The correct password)
    • Authentication type : AUTO
    • SMTP secure protocol: SSL Sender email ID : (Type your complete email address)

Now click on the option "Test Mail Server" and confirm the mail is sent successfully.

SMTP settings for Microsoft 365

Follow the below steps to configure the SMTP setting for Microsoft 365 in the BDRSuite Backup Server.

Step 1

Open the SMTP server setting by navigating to the Reports -> Email Notification and then click the open/edit SMTP setting button.

Step 2

Please input the following for the request field.

SMTP Server :smtp.office365.com

SMTP Port : 587

Authentication : Enabled

User name : Enter the username for the user mailbox account that you want to configure, from which the email report will be sent to recipients.

Password : Enter user mailbox password if user account don't have MFA enabled. otherwise follow the below steps to generate the App password.

Step 1 : Sign in to Office 365.

Step 2: Choose Settings > Office 365.

Step 3 : Choose Security & Privacy > Additional Security Verification. You’ll only see this option if your admin has set up multi-factor authentication for your organization.

Step 4 : Choose Update my Phone Numbers Used for Account Security.

Step 5 : At the top of the page, choose App Passwords.

Step 6 : Choose Create to get an app password.

Step 7 : If prompted, type a name for your app password, and click Next.

Step 8 : Push copy password to clipboard button.

Once App password is generated, please input this password in password field of the SMTP setting.

Authentication type : AUTO

Protocol Type : SSL/TLS (Can select either TLS or SSL )

Sender email ID : Sender email will be same as the user name that you have entered before in user name field, since Microsoft365 account will not allow the “Send On Behalf” until/unless you enable the “Send On Behalf” in the user mailbox.

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