KB ID : 115002
Published : March 25, 2016
Created : March 25, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


The Mapped drive which has been added may not have sufficient permission in which the VembuNetworkBackup service is running.


Change the service control to that particular user or administrator at which the Mapdrive is added. Here are the steps to change the service.

a) Open the Services control applet through "Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services" shortcut or by running "services.msc" command in "Start ->Run" tool.

b) Select the VembuNetworkBackup service and then open its Properties dialog.

c) In the VembuNetworkBackup services Properties dialog, go to the "Logon" tab if it is 'Local System Account' update the user logon to be of the power user or a user who has administrator privilege to run the StoreGrid service.

d) After providing the correct user name and password details, click 'Apply' and 'Ok' to apply the changes.

e) Restart the VembuNetworkBackup service.

Now check whether files are getting listed in web console.

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