KB ID : 111002
Published : Sept. 20, 2016
Created : Sept. 20, 2016
Last Modified : Sept. 20, 2016


'MSPST MS' service is not configured.


Kindly follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

  • Create a new user with sufficient rights through Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • Assign "Full Mailbox Access" permission to that new user.
  • Use this new account with full mailbox rights as Vembu NetworkBackup service's logon account and restart Vembu NetworkBackup service. Specify the display name of this account [and global catalog server name in case of Windows Server 2008 machines] in the configuration page that opens on clicking the link shown at the bottom of the tree view section and check if mailboxes are listed successfully.
  • Add the 'MSPST MS' service by modifying the MAPISVC.INF file. (NOTE: above 3 steps should resolve the issue in listing profile. However 'MSPST MS' service should be added in the MAPISVC.INF file to successfully backup the Exchange users mailbox).
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