KB ID : 109115
Published : Sept. 20, 2016
Created : Sept. 20, 2016
Last Modified : Sept. 20, 2016


This error occurs on following conditions:

  • If there is insufficient space to store the VSS snapshot in the disk.
  • If VSS writer is not in stable state.


1) Check the maximum size of the Volume Shadow Copy and set it to unlimit by following below steps

  • Right click on C:\ drive and choose Properties.
  • On the Shadow Copies tab, click the Settings button.
  • Change the maximum size to “no limit”

2) Need to wait until VSS writer gets stable or try rebooting the machine which change the VSS writer status to stable. You can also check VSS writer status by executing the below command in command prompt with admin privilege "vssadmin list writers"

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