KB ID : 106001
Published : Jan. 19, 2018
Created : Jan. 19, 2018
Last Modified : April 3, 2018

This error occurs while adding Microsoft Windows Server\Hyper-V server to the remote machine when WinRM service or remote PowerShell is disabled in the remote machine.


  1. This issue occurs when the application is unable to fetch information from a WMI namespace or class.
  2. If the password of the Hyper-V host contains special characters like ‘ and “.


To resolve this issue, please follow the below steps:

  1. Make sure WinRM service is running on the BDR server host and Hyper-V host.

    To enable WinRM Service:

    • Open Windows services console via run → type “Services.msc”.
    • Search “Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)” service.
    • If the service is disabled, enable it and start the service.

  2. Make sure both the BDR server host and Hyper-V host are configured to receive remote PowerShell requests.

    To enable remote PowerShell:

    • Open PowerShell in the remote host machine.
    • Type the following command to enable Remote PowerShell:
    •          Enable-PSRemoting
    • Confirm the enabling process.
    • To Recheck Remote PowerShell is enabled or not, Enter the following command in PowerShell:
    •          Enter-PSSession
    • Enter your computer name or “localhost”.
    • If it returns nothing means Remote PowerShell is enabled.

  3. Use Wbemtest Utility to connect to the remote WMI namespace of the Hyper-V host

    Open Wbemtest Application on the server

    • Click on Connect.
    • On the namespace text box enter \\{HostIP}\root\cimv2 [eg - \\\root\cimv2]
    • Enter Username, Password and click on Connect
    • In case of any error please fix that error and try pushing agent after that.
  4. Contact Vembu Support at vembu-support@vembu.com

Note: In case you are trying to push agent to the same local host , it is recommended to use localhost or 127.0..0.1 as Host name to push the agent.

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