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Published : Oct. 8, 2018
Created : Oct. 8, 2018
Last Modified : Dec. 4, 2018


Normally this error will occur while accessing the disk from the datastore for a read operation.


In order to resolve this issue, please verify the below conditions are satisfied.

1) Ensure the ESXi SSL port 902 is not blocked by the NAT/Firewall.

Note: If backup/replication is configured at the vCenter level, then check the SSL port for the specific host that has been facing this issue.

2) Make sure the backup/replication configured VM resided datastore has been provided with read and write privileges.

3) Make sure SSL is enabled. If disabled, Please refer below link for enabling SSL.


Note: For Encrypted VMs, trying to perform backup/replication also shows the same error as it fails to open the disk.

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