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Published : May 6, 2016
Created : May 6, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


This error message occurs during VMware VM replication process if the previous snapshot taken by Vembu’s agent is not found for the particular VM’s replica in DR Site.

There are several scenarios for this issue to occur:

  • If the respective replica’s snapshot is deleted manually by mistake
  • If the snapshots of the replica has been consolidated manually
  • If the snapshot is taken during the replication process but acknowledgement for the snapshot creation has not been sent to Vembu’s Backup agent.


Since further incremental for the particular VM is not possible in this scenario, user will have to schedule a full replication for that by referring the below steps

  • If it is a multi VM configuration, edit the replication job in which the respective VM is configured for replication and exclude the VM from the replication configuration.Now configure the problematic VM for full replication in separate schedule.
  • If it is a single VM configuration, suspend further replication activities for the respective replication job and configure again the source VM for replication to the target with a different suffix name.
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