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Published : Oct. 23, 2018
Created : Oct. 23, 2018
Last Modified : Dec. 19, 2018


Normally this error will occur while fetching the virtual machine configuration files from the datastore results in failure.


In order to resolve this issue, please verify the below conditions are satisfied.

1) If the backup/replication configured at the vCenter level, ensure the backup configured individual ESXi host SSL port 902 is not blocked by the NAT/Firewall.

2) If backup/replication job is configured through vCenter, check whether the ESXi added credentials have full privileges to access the datastore

3) Make sure ESXi host added under vCenter server’s SSL gets enabled. If disabled, Please refer below link for enabling SSL.


4) If backup/replication job is configured from ESXi, make sure that the credentials do have access to the datastores present in it.

Refer: Required permissions for Backup and Restore

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