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Published : March 29, 2016
Created : March 29, 2016
Last Modified : May 7, 2018

Cause 1

If a full Replication job gets interrupted while it's in progress, and at the same time an incremental got scheduled for that particular replication job, it will show the message "Target VM Name already exist"

Solution 1

Kindly follow the below steps to resolve the above case

  • Open the target ESXi server host.
  • Go to particular replicated VM and delete the replicated VM.
  • Now run the Incremental for the particular replication job

Cause 2

Any VM may have the same name as of that of the replicated VM in the particular target host.

Solution 2

In case if already any virtual machine has the name with the same as the target replicated virtual machine then rename the existing virtual machine and run the incremental for the particular replication job.

Cause 3

While Restoring to ESXi or vCenter, if the restore gets failed with an error message “VM Name is already exist “, then this is due to any VM that has the same name as that of the restored VM in the particular target host.

Solution 3

  • In case any virtual machine already exists with the restored VM name, do the restore once again to ESXi or vCenter with a different name.
  • Else, try to rename the already existing VM name in the target host and proceed to restore to ESXi host or vCenter with the same name.
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