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Published : May 24, 2019
Created : May 24, 2019
Last Modified : May 24, 2019


  • In a failover cluster, when the clustered volume (CSV)is not available or Offline
  • Snapshot is not supported for disks in a scaled-out file server architecture
  • If the VM configured for backup is using SMB file share as storage and “File Server VSS Agent Service” role is not enabled


  • Check the connectivity of Clustered(CSV) volumes
  • If the volume is offline or not accessible, make it online and run the backup again.
  • To install “File Server VSS Agent Service” in SMB server:

    a) Open Server Manager

    b) Dashboard -> Add Roles and Features -> Under Roles -> File and Storage Services -> File and iSCSI services

    c) Select “File Server VSS Agent Service” and proceed with the installation

    d) Once the installation is done, Restart the server and configure backup

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