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Published : May 24, 2019
Created : May 24, 2019
Last Modified : Dec. 12, 2019


  • For Appaware enabled backups, checkpoint creation might fail if the VM is in Saved or Paused state
  • Checkpoint creation may fail if there is insufficient storage space in the checkpoint location for the configured VM, where child disk (avhd/avhdx) will be created
  • The Virtual hard disk (VHD/VHDX) of the virtual machine in compressed or encrypted drive is not supported
  • If manual production checkpoint creation fails for Appaware enabled backups (with writer status check enabled)


Solution 1

  • Change the state of VM(s) to running or off, if it is in “Saved” or “Paused” state in Hyper-V manager or Failover Cluster Manager.

Solution 2

  • Find the checkpoint location of the problematic VM in Hyper-V Manager by right clicking on VM -> settings -> checkpoint and check whether the drive has enough free space.

Solution 3

  • Check the properties of the drive where backed up VM’s virtual hard disks (VHD/VHDX) are present. Go to File Explorer -> Right click on drive -> Properties -> General tab and disable the option ‘Compress this drive to save disk space’. Reschedule the backup.


Decrypt the drive if any encryption is enabled. After disabling the encryption or compression, ensure the VM is accessible in Hyper-V manager and reschedule the backup.

Solution 4

1) Try to create Production checkpoint for the VM which has failed in the schedule.

2) Go to Hyper-V manager → Right click on the VM → Settings → Checkpoints and then change checkpoint type to Production checkpoints (uncheck the “Create standard checkpoint if the guest does not support production” option under it) and click apply.

3) Ensure “Production-only” text is available in the left panel under checkpoints and close the settings dialog box.

4) Right click on the VM in Hyper-V manager and click on checkpoints.

5) Verify if checkpoint creation has succeeded. If not, resolve the windows error and verify it with steps and reschedule the backup.

Solution 5

  • Enable Backup service From Hyper-V Integration Service and restart VSS Requestor (vmicvss) in the Guest machine.
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