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Published : Jan. 4, 2019
Created : Jan. 4, 2019
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This alert usually throws for the Appware enabled Hyper-V backups if the Integration service of the Guest machine is not installed (or) not up-to-date.


This can be resolved by updating the Hyper-V Integration service of the guest VM. Please find the process of updating Hyper-V Integration service for the respective OS versions below.

Case 1:

If the Hyper-V Host OS is below or equivalent to 2012 R2

  • Check the integration service state by opening the Hyper-V manager and click the Guest machine for which the above alert has been thrown. On the Lower end along the Right-hand side of the Hyper-V Manager console, you can find the state of the Integration service for the Guest machine.

Integration Services: Up to Date

  • If the integration service of the Guest machine is not up-to-date click Guest VM Interface top menu -> Actions -> Insert Integration Services Setup Disk.

Insert Integration Services Setup Disk

  • Connect the Guest machine and run the Integration Service Setup Disk and reboot the Guest machine.

  • Again check whether the integration service state of the Guest machine is up-to-date and schedule an Appaware backup for the Guest machine.

Case 2

If the Hyper-V Host OS is above 2012 R2

  • Check the Integration Service state of the Guest machine by running the below-mentioned command on Powershell of the Hyper-V host. Then check the state of the Integration service against the Guest machine name.

The PowerShell command to find the Integration service state is:

           $VMMS = gwmi -namespace root\virtualization\v2 Msvm_VirtualSystemManagementService
           $RequestedSummaryInformationArray = 1,123

On running the above command on PowerShell of the Host machine any one of the following values is obtained for the attribute ‘IntegrationServicesVersionState’ against the Guest machine name:

  • 1(one)->Integration Service state is up-to-date.
  • 2(two)->Integration service Need an update (or) Not up-to-date.

  • Now connect the Guest VM, open Control panel -> System and Security -> Windows update. Schedule a Windows update to the Guest machine for which the Integration service is not up-to-date.

  • Then reboot the Guest machine and again check the Integration service state of that Guest machine.

  • If it is up-to-date then schedule a backup.

  • If the issue still persists after following the above-mentioned steps, schedule a windows update(Control panel -> System and Security -> Windows update) for the Hyper-V host under which the Guest machine resides.

For further clarification, refer the link below:

Manage Hyper-V Integration Services

If the above solution doesn’t resolve your issue, please do contact Vembu support.

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