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Published : Dec. 5, 2018
Created : Dec. 5, 2018
Last Modified : Jan. 11, 2023


This would occur for below reason:

1) When target host is not reachable

2) When Domain controller machine is not reachable [ For domain machines]

3) When “WinRM” service disabled in the target host

4) When PSRemoting disabled in the target host


1) Go to Windows Powershell with elevated permission and execute below query:


To check if the PSRemoting is enabled by using below command;

             Enter-PSSession -ComputerName localhost

2) Go to Services(Run -> services.msc) and restart the Windows Remote Management Service(WinRM)

  • In case if it is disabled or stopped, set the Start Type as Automatic and Start the service
  • You can enable the WS-Management protocol on the local computer, and set up the default configuration for remote management with the command below;

             winrm quickconfig

3) Add an Inbound Exception Rule in Windows Firewall for WinRm(for HTTP only) for both Public and Domain

  • Go to WindowsFirewall->Advanced Settings
  • Select Inbound Exception Rules->Predefined rules
  • Allow the connection and click ok
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