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Published : Dec. 5, 2018
Created : Dec. 5, 2018
Last Modified : Jan. 7, 2019


This would occur for below reason:

1) When target host is not reachable

2) When Domain controller machine is not reachable [ For domain machines]

3) When “WinRM” service disabled in the target host

4) When PSRemoting disabled in the target host


1) Go to Windows Powershell with elevated permission and execute below query:

  • Enable-PSRemoting
  • To check if the PSRemoting is enabled by using below command,
  • Enter-PSSession -ComputerName localhost

2) Go to Services(Run -> services.msc) and restart the Windows Remote Management Service(WinRM)

  • In case if it is disabled or stopped, set the Start Type as Automatic and Start the service

3) Add an Inbound Exception Rule in Windows Firewall for WinRm(for HTTP only) for both Public and Domain

  • Go to WindowsFirewall->Advanced Settings
  • Select Inbound Exception Rules->Predefined rules
  • Allow the connection and click ok
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