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Published : March 28, 2016
Created : March 28, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


Hyper-v backups will fail with error message "Current CBT FLT Driver Versions Seems to be invalid" due to any of the following reasons:

  • When the VembuCBT drivers gets corrupted or hung.
  • When there is no enough permission to the existing path < C:/ProgramData/VembuHyperVCBTStore/….>
  • If VembuCBT drivers are not updated to the latest one.


  1. Open Command prompt with 'Run as Administrator' privilege.

  2. Go to the Vembu Integration Service installation location and reinstall the VembuCBT driver using the following commands:

    • VembuInstallation_location\Drivers\HyperV>HyperVDriverUtil.exe -uninstall
    • VembuInstallation_location\Drivers\HyperV>HyperVDriverUtil.exe -install
  3. After executing the above commands, type ‘fltmc’ and click ‘Enter’.It would list all the drivers and make sure VembuCBT is installed.


  4. Since the VembuCBT driver is reinstalled, it's mandatory to run an additional full backup for all the backup jobs configured from that particular host.

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