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Published : March 28, 2016
Created : March 28, 2016
Last Modified : Nov. 30, 2018


This alert usually throws when Hyper-V VMs cannot be accessed or not found. The possible reasons for this issue are:

  • If a VM doesn't have any disks(VHD/VHDX) attached to it.
  • If the VM configured for backup is created via VembuBDR’s Quick VM Recovery option. Similarly, VM having disks from any Virtual drive results to backup failure with above alert.
  • When cluster VM owner and CSV disk owner with Maintenance mode ON are different.


  • Ensure the VM’s disks are available or not.
  • If VMs disks are in any Virtual drive, please change the disk location to local/SMB/CSV storage.
  • Turn Off the maintenance mode or change the VM & CSV disk owner as same.
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