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Published : March 28, 2016
Created : March 28, 2016
Last Modified : Sept. 12, 2016


  • The CBT driver becomes unresponsive in case if there is any environmental problem or handle\memory leaks .
  • In certain cases high levels of I/O causes snapshot quiescing to take a long time, which in turn might cause problems in releasing the bitmap file (CBT bitmap for disk) handle.


  • Restart the Vembu Integration service (VIS) running on Physical Hyper-V Host and schedule the backup.
  • In case of an SMB storage, restart Vembu Integration service (VIS) running on the SMB File Server Host and schedule the backup.
  • Check if the Integration Service running in the SMB server and Application Server are using the same domain credentials to start the service.
  • If problem still persists, CBT reset has to be done. Since this process requires more technical attention, it is recommended to contact our support team for further assistance.
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