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Published : March 28, 2016
Created : March 28, 2016
Last Modified : Dec. 12, 2019


1) This issue occurs if the VM’s configuration file is located in CSV volume and Disk(s) is located in non-CSV volume or vice versa.

2) This issue also occurs if VM’s disk located in both CSV volume and non-CSV volume .


To resolve this issue, you need to move VM’s configuration file and all the disks either to CSV volume or to local volume. Follow the below steps:

  • Go to FailOver cluster manager in any of the cluster node
  • Right click on the VirtualMachine
  • Click on Move → Virtual Machine Storage option

Moving VM storage in cluster

If the Virtual Machine is not part of cluster role,

  • Go to Microsoft Hyper-V console
  • Right click on the VM and click Move -> Next -> Virtual Machine’s Storage

Moving VM storage in Hyper-V console

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