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Published : June 7, 2023
Created : June 7, 2023
Last Modified : June 7, 2023

Possible reasons for the issue "Unable to list Disks/Volumes of the host" include:

  1. Communication issue: The agent may not be able to communicate with the server due to a blocked port (Port 32004).
  2. Agent not running: The agent responsible for listing the disks/volumes on the host may not be running.
  3. Improper installation of the agent: The agent may not have been installed correctly on the host.
  4. Network drop: A network interruption may have occurred while retrieving the drive list.
  5. Empty value in hostandentitydetails table: The host's entry in the hostandentitydetails table may have an empty value, causing the disks/volumes to not be listed.
  6. Agent configuration: If the agent was initially added for VM proxy or Hyper-V and later added for DiskImage, and the agent is in a stopped state, the host expansion may not occur.

Here are the solutions for the aforementioned issues:

  1. Verify Port Connectivity: Ensure that the required port (Port 32004) is open and not blocked by any firewalls or network configurations.
  2. Check Agent Status: Confirm that the agent responsible for listing the disks/volumes is running properly. If it is currently stopped, start the agent.
  3. Verify Status in "Add Windows" Page: Check the status of the host in the "Add Windows" page. It should be in an idle state, indicating that it is ready for operations.

Implementing these solutions should help address the issues related to being unable to list disks/volumes of the host.

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