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Published : Oct. 30, 2017
Created : Oct. 30, 2017
Last Modified : Oct. 30, 2017


  • The default trial period is 30 days for a newly installed backup server. Once trial period expires and if the backup server is not registered with vembu portal, then backup server will get deactivated the very next day.
  • When the registered backup server is not connected to vembu portal for license check about 6 days (one attempt per day) , then the backup server deactivates automatically on next license communication attempt.
  • When the customer account is deactivated by vembu portal admin, then the backup server gets automatically deactivated after next license check to portal.
  • If the invoice charging failed for any customer account (due to credit card issues), we will deactivate that particular customer account. In this scenario the backup servers under that particular customer account will be deactivated by next license check.


  • Once the backup server trial period is completed, register the backup server to vembu portal account by navigating server console page (Management -> Server Management -> Server Registration).
  • If the registered backup server is not in connection with portal for 7 days, check the internet connectivity from backup server end and also check the log file which is available in installation location (BDR/OffsiteDR Installation Location/Log/License.log).
  • If the backup server or customer portal account deactivated by vembu portal admin, do contact with vembu support (vembu-support@vembu.com) for further details.
  • If Invoice failed and backup server deactivated, then update the valid credit card details to customer portal account update billing page (Customer Login -> Update Billing -> Edit). Once new credit card details are updated, we will charge the account and activate the customer account immediately.
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