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Published : Oct. 30, 2017
Created : Oct. 30, 2017
Last Modified : Oct. 30, 2017


  • If the BDR/OffsiteDR server is registered with vembu portal and its trial period gets completed, then the backup status will get changed to 'over-consumed' in customer portal account, and those backups will fail with following error message “ Backup Request Failed for Backup [xxxx] To Server [] with Error :: Backup request failed with the error message 'Not enough license units' ”.

  • If the customer account does not have valid license for newly created plugin backups, then the backup will fail with this error message.

  • If any customer deletes any licensed backup or client on a particular BDR/OffsiteDR server, then the applied license won’t get automatically assigned to newly added client backups. In this scenario initial full backup would complete successfully and further incremental backups will fail with this error message.


  • Login to Vembu Portal and purchase the required plugin license from customer account by navigating to “Buy -> Subscription License” page. Apply the license for that particular client from "Apply license" page in the BDR/ OffsiteDR server registered customer account (License -> Apply License). After applying valid license for that particular client, run "Run license check" from backup server web console (Management -> Server Management -> Server Registration). Once the backup server connects to vembu portal, backups will be re-activated and will complete to success on next schedule.

  • Also, only the portal admin can re-assign the deleted client licenses to new client backups. So kindly contact vembu support (vembu-support@vembu.com) for further details.

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