KB ID : 101017
Published : March 30, 2016
Created : March 30, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


Normally, this error would occur for Vembu ImageBackup client and Vembu NetworkBackup plugin backups.


The following message "Error while dumping backup data in the client" is common for all plugins. So, we request you to provide the following information while contacting support.

1) Screenshot of the 'View Backup Schedule' page by going through ' Backup -> List jobs -> View (Action for particular backup)' from client machine.

2) Screenshot of the detailed backup report from "Reports -> Backup Reports -> [Backup Name] ->job name" and by expanding last seven nodes in the summary backup report from the client web console.

3) Screenshot of 'About Us' by clicking on the question icon in the right bottom of the page and send the snap of the pop up screen.

4) Please send us the backup log that can be found from the following location: "ClientInstallationLocation\log\backupname" folder

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