KB ID : 101003
Published : March 30, 2016
Created : March 30, 2016
Last Modified : June 26, 2016


The error message "Backup Completed Partially" will occur due to the following reasons:

  • Some files may get skipped due to problem like ‘Read Failure’ at client side.
  • It may happen due to some permission problem. The user running Vembu service do not have enough permission to read the file for backup.
  • If some file was unreadable or corrupted in client machine and if the file is exclusively locked by another application during the backup process.


Please check the following details from your client machine to resolve this issue:

1) If the file gets skipped while taking backup, it will be noted the “skipped.lst” file in installation location.

2) Open file "Vembu Installation_Home/report/backup/BackupName-ServerName -skipped.lst" file from your client machine.

3) Please check the file details in "skipped.lst" and check the reason for skipping. If the skipped file doesn't have enough permission for particular user (the user under which Client agent service is running) then provide full permission for those files.

4) If the file got corrupted or unreadable with any user account,then exclude those files from backup list by editing the backup schedule.

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