SQL Server Backup using VDI API

For a SQL server backup, Vembu takes a snapshot of the databases along with the tables. The data snapshot is then sent to the backup server after a high level of compression, followed by encryption. During critical times, the DB admin can restore the database with just a few clicks!

Key Features

Granular Level Recovery

Vembu provides granular flexibility to restore individual tables of SQL databases.

Different Types of SQL Backup

Configure a T-Log followed by differential backup and an initial full backup of the entire database and individual tables.

Advanced and Automated Scheduling Policies

During the configuration or after, the SQL server backup can be scheduled by the database admin as the demands require.

Backups with Application Consistency

SQL Server backups are stored in the backup server with a consistent state of backup data. With any point in time during DB corruption, Vembu brings back the database online without any data loss.

Cloud Replication

With the power of DRaaS, irrespective of data stored on on-premise backup server, BDR helps to replicate the on-premise data to Vembu’s cloud servers. With this in place, your data will be stored in Vembu’s high availability zones.

Backups with Compliance

All our backups are in compliance with individual country laws, local laws and are encrypted with federally acclaimed AES 256 bit encryption.