User Defined Password for Backup Data Encryption

Alongside the industry standard AES-256 bit encryption algorithm to encrypt the data while transferring and storing it on the Backup server. Vembu also allows the users to set a password for the Backup jobs, which are configured from the BDR backup server. This ensures additional protection to the backup data from unauthorized or unapproved access. In order to restore the disk Image Backups or VM backups from the BDR backup server, the user has to enter the configured password to proceed further and it is also applicable to the backups configured from Vembu ImageBackup and VMBackup client agents.

Password Manager

How it works

Users can set a password to restore backup jobs from BDR backup Server, it will be applicable for all the backups jobs configured after creating the password.
  • To set the Password go to ‘ Management → Settings → Encryption settings’
  • Enter the protection password and re-enter the same password to confirm it
  • The configured Password is necessary while recovering the backed up data from the backup server and also to mount/unmount the backed up data to the disk management of local machine
  • The Backup jobs which are configured before setting this password will not be protected

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