Offsite Replication to Amazon Web Services

It is difficult for a service provider if their clients data stored in the local backup server gets corrupted or damaged as it tarnishes the reputation of their trusted customer. Vembu offers an additional data protection to the businesses of any kind by allowing the service providers to replicate the backed up data from the local BDR server to the Vembu OffsiteDR server running on a virtual machine created on the Amazon Web Services. With this facility, the service providers can now replicate and safeguard their customer data in Amazon Cloud. If the data in local backup server gets corrupted or the backup server gets crashed, it can be restored with minimalistic downtime.
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Offsite Replication to Amazon Web Services

How it works:

Vembu will provide an AMI of the Virtual Machine bundled with Vembu OffsiteDR to the partner or service provider on request. Using the AMI provided, a new Virtual Machine will be spun off on Amazon Web Services where Vembu OffsiteDR is already installed. The backed up data of the customers from local BDR server will be now replicated to OffsiteDR in the new AWS virtual machine in minutes.
  • The OffsiteDR can be configured from the local BDR server through offsite copy management console
  • The backed up data from local BDR server will now be replicated to OffsiteDR running on AWS virtual machine through WAN and the replicated data will be periodically synced to ensure latest changes
  • The replicated data will be compressed and encrypted to reduce the storage needs and increase the security against the threats
  • Offsite replication to Amazon Web Services provides the option to quickly boot the backed up VM, instant file recovery and downloading the image data in various file formats like VHD, VHDX, VMDK, VMDK-Flat and RAW