Offsite Copy for Disaster Recovery

OffsiteDR offers added data protection, allowing users to replicate data to their very own data center from backup server. With this option users can now restore data directly from the OffsiteDR server which is similar as restoring from backup server with minimalistic downtime. Users will have multiple restore options:

  • Booting a live VM
  • Mounting image file to disk management
  • Downloading image in your native format like VHD, VHDX, VMDK, VMDK-Flat and RAW
  • Live restore to your ESX(i) server
  • Live restore to your Microsoft Hyper-V Server

Key Features

Live Data Transfer

Now users can instantly transfer data from backup server to their very own OffsiteDR Server. Live DATA transfer enables seamless transaction between servers, so that OffsiteDR Server stays updated instantaneously.

Instant Disaster Recovery

Entire backup server can be rebuilt from scratch with the help of data from OffsiteDR server. An on-premise server is rebuilt within minutes.

Own Choice Datacenter

Users are allowed to store a redundant copy of backup data in a data center of their choice with customizable security measures. OffsiteDR server can be placed either on premise or in a remote location of user preference.

Highly Secure AES 256 Bit Encryption

Data replicated to OffsiteDR server is highly secure and reliable. With federally acclaimed AES 256 bit encryption, data is kept highly secured during replication and also at rest.

Redundant copy at cheap rate

License for OffsiteDR is highly affordable with its minimal cost which is much less than backup server license. Hence users can secure backup data in their preferred datacenter paying minimal license cost.

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