Offsite Copy for Disaster Recovery

What is Offsite backup?

Offsite Backup is a process of creating and transferring a copy of backup data to a remote server.

The most common forms of offsite backup are:

  • Backing up data to a local server in Remote/Branch office
  • Backup to Cloud (Private/Public/Hybrid)
  • Backup to a media that is transported offsite like Tape

Offsite backups offer additional data protection and make it easy to access your data even if your primary data backup becomes unavailable.

Offsite Copy for Disaster Recovery

How to set up an Offsite backup

Vembu BDR Suite offers Offsite Copy feature to perform offsite replication to a local server in the remote site, to Vembu Cloud or to any Public Clouds (AWS, Azure, Google).

  • Install Vembu OffsiteDR set up in a local server in the remote data center or in any of the cloud VMs running on AWS/Azure/Google. This acts as your offsite backup server.
  • Choose Offsite Copy → Vembu OffsiteDR Server and configure your DR location.
  • As soon as your backups complete in your local server, the backup data is replicated to your OffsiteDR server securely.

With Vembu’s Offsite Copy option, you’ll be able to implement the best 3-2-1 backup strategy, with which you can have 3 copies of data in 2 different media (Disk & Tape) and 1 in Offsite (Local datacenter/Cloud).


Offsite DR – Key Features

Quick VM Recovery

Instantly recover the replicated image data of your Physical or Virtual machine as a ready state VM in VMware/Hyper-V/KVM directly from the Offsite DR server.

Secure Data Transfer & Storage

Vembu BDR Suite uses AES-256 encryption to secure your data. All your backups are encrypted both at flight and at rest.

WAN Acceleration

Vembu BDR Suite has built-in WAN acceleration to optimize the data transfer over WAN. The transfer of redundant data is eliminated thereby reducing the bandwidth used.

Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth throttling lets you easily control the bandwidth consumption allowing you to set the bandwidth limit that needs to be used by Offsite backups.

Seed Backup

Seed Backup lets you perform initial data transfer from the backup server to Offsite DR via external drive (USB/HDD). This saves the bandwidth and time consumed when transferring a large amount of data over the network.

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