Efficient Hyper-V Incremental Backup using Vembu CBT (Changed Block Tracking) Driver

Vembu developed CBT (Changed Block Tracking) driver to track the modified data blocks alone during Hyper-V incremental backup. Vembu CBT driver is a file system filter driver which tracks the changed data blocks of Hyper-V VMs in between the incremental backup schedules. So, the Hyper-V incremental backup completes in minutes not in hours and also it only transfers the modified incremental data blocks rather than the complete differential data from last successful full backup.


How it works

Vembu CBT driver will be injected to the source Hyper-V hosts while installing Vembu Integration Service.

During initial full backup, Microsoft VSS services initiates the snapshot in the configured guest machine through Hyper-V integration services. Once the snapshot completes, Vembu integration service will read the VHD or VHDX files associated with the selected VMs and transfer the data to the backup storage targets.

Then after full backup until the next incremental backup schedule, Vembu’s proprietary Hyper-V CBT driver will start tracking the VHD or VHDX associated with the Hyper-V VMs by capturing I/O activities and logging the changes. During the incremental backup schedule, the tracked data blocks will be alone transferred to the backup storage targets.
Vembu CBT driver ensures faster incremental backups with less data transfer.

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