Vembu Hyper-V Backup

Video references to help you install & configure Backups and Restore using Vembu BDR Suite.

Vembu Hyper-V Backup Demo

VMs running in your Hyper-V host can be configured for backup and recover it directly as a VM on Hyper-V, VMware and KVM or as individual files/folders

12:31 mins

How to configure Hyper-V Backup

Virtual machines running on your Microsoft Hyper-V host can be backed up. Configure your backup as desire to support your Hyper-V environment

03:54 mins

How to install Vembu BDR Backup Server

An all in one hybrid solution – the Vembu BDR suite by installing which you can simply backup all your disks and VM’s without any hassle of clients or agents

03:30 mins