Hyper-V Backup FAQ

  • What versions of Hyper-V Server are supported by Vembu?
    Vembu supports backup for Hyper-V Server versions from Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 to Microsoft Windows 2019.
  • Do I have to install an agent inside each VMs on my Hyper-V host to configure the backups?
    Vembu Hyper-V Backup is an agentless backup solution. You do not have to install an agent inside each virtual machine to backup them.
  • What is the Vembu Integration Service?
    Vembu Integration service (VIS) is an agent pushed from the Vembu BDR Server to the Hyper-V host for backing up the Hyper-V VMs and to perform Changed Block Tracking (CBT).
  • Does Vembu Hyper-V Backup support Non-Windows OS VMs?
    Yes, Vembu Hyper-V Backup supports backup of Non-Windows OS like Linux, Mac, and others which are supported by Hyper-V.
  • Does Vembu support backing up VMs on Stand-alone Hyper-V host?
    Yes, Vembu supports backup and restore of VMs on Stand-alone Hyper-V host.
  • Does Vembu support backup of Hyper-V VMs on SMB host?
    Yes. Vembu supports backup & restore for virtual machines of Hyper-V Server hosted on SMB (Server Message Block Protocol) shares.
  • Does Vembu support backup of VMs running on Hyper-V Server in Cluster Shared Volume(CSV) environment?
    Yes. Vembu supports backup for Hyper-V host that uses Clustered Shared Volume.
  • Does Vembu support backup of Hyper-V Cluster?
    Yes, Vembu supports backup and restore of VMs running on Hyper-V cluster.
  • What is the least RPO and RTO provided by Vembu for Hyper-V backup?
    Vembu offers near Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for Hyper-V VMs and assures 15 mins RPO by allowing you to run your backups every 15 mins. Also, Vembu provides RTO of less than 15 mins through its instant recovery options like Quick VM Recovery.
  • How many VMs can be backed up from a single Hyper-V Server?
    Any number of VMs can be backed up from a single Hyper-V server using Vembu Hyper-V backup.
  • Can I exclude particular disks of a VM during the backup?
    Yes. Vembu provides a VM/Disk Exclusion option to exclude disks of VMs during a backup job configuration. You can also exclude VMs with this option.
  • Can Vembu backup Hyper-V virtual machines with Pass-through disks?
    Vembu agentless Hyper-V backup skips the pass-through disks during backup. If you would like to backup the VMs having passthrough disks, you need to install Vembu ImageBackup/Network client inside the VM.
  • Should I turn off or shut down the virtual machines to configure the backup?
    Vembu supports backup of Hyper-V VMs even if they are in running state. Hence, you don’t need to shut down or turn off your VMs while configuring backups.
  • Is backup and recovery of applications and databases supported along with Hyper-V VMs?
    Yes, Vembu supports backup of all types of applications and databases running on your Hyper-V VMs. Also, it provides Application-Aware backups for Microsoft applications like Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, and Active Directory. Also, Vembu supports the granular level recovery of MS applications using universal explorer tool.
  • Does Vembu support granular recovery of files/folders from the Hyper-V VM backup?
    Yes. Vembu supports individual file/folder level restore using a File-Level recovery option.
  • Can I restore my backed up Hyper-V VM to another Hyper-V host or another Hypervisor?
    Yes, the backed up Hyper-V VMs can be restored to another Hyper-V Server through Live Recovery option and can be restored to other hypervisors using the Download recovery option.
  • How is Vembu Hyper-V backup licensed?
    Vembu Hyper-V backup is licensed based on the number of physical CPU-Sockets on the Hyper-V host that is to be backed up. This lets you backup any number of VMs running on that host. Further, Vembu also offers a VM level licensing option.
  • How many VMs can be backed up using the Vembu BDR Suite free edition?
    Vembu BDR Suite free edition has two options:

    Full-Featured Free edition – Limited to 3 VMs.
    Limited-Feature Free edition – Unlimited VMs.