Vembu Backup for Microsoft Hyper-V

Secure, Scalable and Reliable Backup & DR solution for Microsoft Hyper-V VMs

  • Agentless VM Backup for Hyper-V Standalone Hosts and Cluster Servers
  • Ensure RPO, RTO < 15 minutes
  • Application-aware backups with Log Truncation
  • Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) based incremental backups
  • Instant recovery at VM, file or application-item levels
  • Supports Hyper-V Cluster, CSV, S2D and SMB share
  • Automated Backup Verification to verify recoverability of the backup
  • Supports Cross-Hypervisor migration (V2V)

Backup unlimited VMs for free. No feature restrictions up to 10 VMs

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Flexible Licensing Options Ideal for All Types of Businesses

Free Hyper-V Backup

  • Backup and Protect Unlimited Hyper-V VMs at zero cost
  • Unlimited features upto 10 VMs else few feature restrictions for unlimited VMs

Standard Edition

  • Backup & Restore your Hyper-V VMs at $3.6/VM/Month
  • Small businesses can backup their first 100 VMs at just $1.8/VM/Month with the Standard Essential package

Enterprise Edition

  • Backup and Restore your Hyper-V VMs at $6/VM/Month
  • Small businesses can backup their first 100 VMs at $3/VM/Month with the Enterprise Essential package

Hyper-V Backup & Recovery – Feature Highlights


  • Agentless image-based backups for Hyper-V VMs at Host and Cluster level
  • Backup Hyper-V virtual machines running on Local Storage, Cluster Shared Volumes (CSV), Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), SMB share – Standalone File Server, Clustered File Server & Scale-Out File Server (SOFS)
  • Application-Aware backup including automatic Log Truncation for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, AD and SharePoint servers
  • Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) based incremental backup for Hyper-V VMs running on Windows Server 2016 and above
  • Vembu’s its proprietary Changed Block Tracking driver to perform the incremental backups for Hyper-V VMs running on Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2 and 2008 R2
  • Automated Backup Verification to verify the recoverability of backed up VMs


  • Instant Boot VM to restore the entire Hyper-V VM in few seconds onto Hyper-V or VMware or KVM hypervisors
  • Restore the backed up VMs to the same or different Hyper-V hosts when the source VM fails
  • Instantly restore individual files and folders without restoring the entire VMs
  • Granular restore of application items such as Microsoft Active Directory, SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint using Vembu Granular Recovery tool
  • Instantly mount the disks of backed up VMs and access the data locally through the disk management of BDR backup server
  • Flexibility to migrate Hyper-V VMs to other hypervisors (VMware, KVM, etc.)


  • Scale-out backup repository feature provides the flexibility to scale as and when required
  • Built-in AES 256-bit Encryption for backup data security
  • Built-in Compression & Deduplication for efficient use of backup storage
  • Backup Hyper-V VM data to offsite locations such as Remote/Branch office, Cloud or Tape
  • Centralized Monitoring tool and License Management portal
  • Hyper-V Live Replication with automated Failover and Failback *Coming Soon

What Our Customers Say

We have been using Vembu for years and the BDR suite is an example of the excellent software we have come to expect from Vembu. It has the features we are looking for, but most important of all, it is stable. We tried multiple vendors through the years until we finally came across his company. We stayed with them because when we need to do a restore and routine check, the backup data is there.
We have used other backup/DR tools in the past which have always failed when you need them most, we ended up doing the backups manually which became too much. We then found and tested Vembu and It’s so easy to use, we can connect remotely to keep an eye on the tasks and the whole setup is a joy to use. Support is also fantastic, they are quick at responding and very helpful and informative.

Supported Hyper-V Environments

Hyper-V on Windows Server

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Core
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft Hyper-V Server

  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2016
  • Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 (S) core
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2
  • Windows 10 (Desktop OS)

Vembu Hyper-V Backup Solution – Finest way to backup Hyper-V Virtual Machines

With each new release of the Windows Server Hyper-V platform, Microsoft has shown that Hyper-V is a major contender in the virtualization space. More and more businesses are utilizing Hyper-V as the platform to host either production or development/stage/test workloads. Even though Hyper-V contains mechanisms built into the platform to take production snapshots and replicating Hyper-V VMs to disaster recovery environments, it still lacks the features and capabilities required by the businesses to confidently protect Hyper-V production workloads.

Vembu Backup for Microsoft Hyper-V is the effective solution for data protection gaps that businesses experience every day while protecting their virtual machines running on their Hyper-V environments. Businesses can now use Vembu Backup for Microsoft Hyper-V to implement a robust and comprehensive data protection solution that supports Hyper-V Cluster, SMB share, Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volumes, Resilient Change Tracking (RCT), and much more.

High-Performance Hyper-V Backup and Restore

Meet Business demands of high performance Hyper-V environment with Vembu Hyper-V Backup software.

  • Near Continuous Data Protection for your Hyper-V environment with RPO & RTO less than 15 minutes
  • Integration of Microsoft’s Resilient Change Tracking (RCT) technology with Vembu aids it to provide Changed Block Tracking (CBT) based incremental backups on Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 and its later versions.
  • Vembu’s own proprietary CBT driver assists in tracking the changed blocks on Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2
  • Instant Boot VM to ensure Business Continuity and granular-level restore of files/apps to get instant access to the required data
– Unleash the true performance potential of your Hyper-V environment with Vembu BDR Suite!
High-Performance Hyper-V Backup and Restore
Hyper-V Backups Focused on Security

Hyper-V Backups Focused on Security

Vembu’s Hyper-V backup tool interacts with Hyper-V environments using Microsoft’s secured authentication mechanism to bolster the overall data security.

  • Hyper-V backups are encrypted in-flight and at-rest through custom/system-generated password using AES 256-bit encryption
  • Backups are stored on Vembu’s proprietary patented file system – VembuHIVE, built for efficient performance and security
– Vembu BDR Suite for Hyper-V provides the means to make data protection central to security

Restore, Migrate, Convert Hyper-V Backups

Vembu’s Hyper-V backup & recovery software provides unrivaled flexibility to restore, migrate, or even convert data contained in their Hyper-V backups.

  • Easily migrate Hyper-V backups to VMware, KVM or any other hypervisors
  • VembuHIVE File system allows quick conversions between VHD, VHDX, Flat-VMDK, VMDK, or RAW formats
– Vembu provides hypervisor agnostic backups and restores, truly empowering organizations to have control of their data!

Easily Achieve and Maintain Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Vembu’s Hyper-V backup solution, empowers organizations to accomplish data and regulatory compliance demands seamlessly while protecting Business-Critical data in Hyper-V environments.

  • Hyper-V backups are encrypted in-flight and at-rest for all-round security and protection using industry-standard AES-256 encryption
  • Basic & Advanced Retention policies to ensure data is not kept around unnecessarily on disk for an undetermined amount of time
– Vembu BDR Suite empowers organizations to meet and exceed these often very complex compliance demands

Hyper-V Backups Built for the Cloud

Microsoft has engineered Hyper-V to include very strong “cloud” features. Vembu BDR Suite allows businesses today to utilize cloud and hybrid cloud configurations to protect Hyper-V workloads.

  • Replicate Hyper-V backup data to your DR site or to the public cloud with Offsite DR provisioned in any public cloud environments including AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Make use of Vembu Offsite DR and Vembu Cloud for a fully managed cloud DR solution
– Embrace the public cloud with Microsoft Hyper-V and Vembu BDR Suite

Robust Hyper-V Backups – Ensuring Hyper-V Data Availability including Hyper-V Clusters

Vembu Backup for Microsoft Hyper-V ensures complete data availability in Hyper-V environments, including few Hyper-V hosts to multiple Windows Server Failover Clusters hosting the Hyper-V role. In scenarios where the virtual machines are moved to different Hyper-V hosts, the incremental backup will continue to function without interruptions.

Automated Hyper-V Backups with unrivaled performance

Agentless Host Level/Cluster Level Backups

Vembu BDR Suite allows effective backing up of virtual machines at both Hyper-V host or Cluster level.

  • Hyper-V virtual machines require no agents for backups
  • Backup can be done every 15mins/hourly/daily and weekly basis
  • Manage all Hyper-V backups directly using the BDR backup server console

Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Protect your Hyper-V Servers with 15 minutes RPO with flexible scheduling policies.

  • Backup every 15mins or hourly/daily/weekly basis
  • Vembu utilizes Microsoft’s RCT, proprietary CBT and checksum based methods to perform Hyper-V Incremental backups

Find more on Near Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

Application-Aware Backups

Businesses today run services and data on top of business-critical applications and the data protection solutions need to have the ability to incorporate with the application for consistent backups.

  • Leverages Microsoft VSS technology to create consistent application state
  • Supports for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, and Active Directory
  • Transaction Log Truncation

Find more on Application-Aware Backups

Automated Backup Verification

Vembu BDR Suite takes the heavy lifting out of the backup verification process by providing an automated process for verifying Hyper-V Server backups.

  • 3-tier backup verification – Boot test, Mount test, and Data Integrity test
  • Automatically boots and tests the backed-up Hyper-V VMs
  • Screenshot of the booted VM is captured and sent via email

Find more on Automatic Backup Verification

Retention Policies

Data retention allows organizations to have total control over data and purge unneeded restore points from the backup repository. Having a way to automatically apply retention policies is an important part of virtual machine backup.

  • Vembu offers Basic and Advanced Retention Policies to retain multiple recovery points that span days and years
  • Depending on business SLAs the retention policy can be adjusted by selecting the number of versions to be kept for restoration

Flexible Hyper-V Recovery options to meet your business SLAs

Instant Boot VM

Restoring access to services and data quickly is key to ensuring and maintaining Business Continuity. Vembu BDR Suite allows recovering Hyper-V virtual machines instantly.

  • Meet RTO less than 15 minutes
  • Boot Virtual Machines directly from backup storage
  • Instantly recover backed up Hyper-V VMs on Hyper-V/VMware/KVM hypervisors

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Instant File-Level Recovery

The most basic and elemental recovery operation is file level restore. Vembu BDR Suite allows quick and easy recovery of files and folders directly from the backup data.

  • Supported for Hyper-V Windows VMs
  • Restore files/folders to the same or different location
  • Restore the file permissions

Find more on File-Level Recovery

Granular Recovery of MS Applications

Vembu provides the ability to perform application item-level recovery allowing organizations to have granular control over data.

  • Supported for Microsoft Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, and Active Directory
  • Mount the backup data, browse and restore the application items directly from the backup using Vembu Universal Explorer Tool

Flexible Restores and Migration

Vembu BDR Suite contains powerful flexibility that allows instant migration of Hyper-V VMs to other hypervisors.

  • Easily convert Hyper-V VMs into various virtual formats – VHD, VHDX, VMDK, Flat-VMDK, or RAW
  • These virtual formats can later be used for V2V migration scenarios

Ensure Advanced Data Security and Maximum Storage Efficiency

Backup Security and Encryption

Vembu allows the organization’s data to have protection, full-circle and meet the standards of today’s compliance regulations.

  • Backup data is encrypted both at-rest and in-flight using industry-standard AES-256 bit encryption
  • Protect your backup data with custom or system-generated passwords

Find more on Backup-level Encryption

Scale-Out Backup Repository

Vembu BDR backup server provides the flexibility to scale the storage repositories as and when required without any limitations.

  • Supports different storage media such as Local drives, NAS (NFS and CIFS) and SAN (iSCSI and FC) as backup targets
  • Automatically uses the newly added storages to save incremental data

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Software Defined Backup Storage

Vembu BDR Suite allows creating software-defined logical storage pools that make efficient use of all available storage provisioned for backup purposes.

  • Easily add or group new storage into the storage pool
  • Supports built-in Compression and Deduplication for effective usage of backup storage

Build Virtual Lab Environments

The ability to boot VMs directly from backup storage enables businesses to effectively build out virtual lab environments that allow efficient provisioning of DEV/STG/Test environments on the fly.

Hyper-V Backup with DR Support to Keep your Business Disaster Ready

Hyper-V Backup to Offsite locations

Copying backup data offsite is an essential part of protecting Business-Critical data. Vembu Offsite DR allows businesses to easily copy backups offsite to either an on-premise server in a remote site or in the AWS/Azure/Google Cloud.

  • Instant VM Recovery & Granular Recovery of Files/Apps
  • WAN Acceleration & Bandwidth Throttling

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Hyper-V Cloud Backup

Organizations using Hyper-V often want to leverage the power of the cloud or hybrid cloud configurations. Vembu BDR Suite makes this possible through:

  • Offsite DR server hosted in the Public Clouds like AWS, Azure and Google
  • Vembu Cloud

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Hyper-V Backup to Tape

Vembu BDR Suite allows organizations to effectively use the still very cost-effective tape backup medium.

  • Effective long-term archival storage
  • Meet the best practice 3-2-1 backup strategy
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