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Help4IT picks Vembu to power its comprehensive data protection service to a diverse clientele

Industry : Managed IT Services Provider Solution : Vembu BDR Suite
Protected Platforms : Virtualization (VMware) & Physical Image
double-quotes Vembu’s Backup & DR Solution is a versatile product that constantly evolves with every new release. Installation, setup and operation are all easy and fast. Their pricing is very competitive and is ideal for MSPs like us!

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What do you think are the benefits that Vembu’s Backup & DR Solution offers to a managed service provider?

Vembu’s Backup & DR Solution seemed to fit the bill with its consistent stability and an attractive pricing model not requiring a big investment in the software. And more importantly, we found Vembu to be an actively developing product which is very essential to match pace in the backup software market.

Finally after actively testing Vembu’s Solution for data restore, security, speed, etc., we decided to go ahead with it. Vembu’s ability to throttle resources (bandwidth) dedicated to the backup process was a big advantage.

How smooth was your installation process?

Deploying Vembu’s Backup & DR Solution on help4IT’s Data Center went on like a breeze. We had a Windows Server that we used as the Backup Server and where Vembu was deployed.The Backup Server had a SATA Storage device in RAID configuration and was replicated to our offsite disaster recovery facility to offer additional redundancy to the customers’ data.

How does Vembu’s Backup & DR Solution fit into your backup service offering?

Our customers come from various verticals and they have very specific requirements in data restore in case of an emergency. The feature set and the reliability of Vembu’s Backup & DR Solution has enabled us to achieve and exceed our customers expectations.

What lead to your partnership with Vembu?

help4IT explored different backup and recovery solutions for offering a comprehensive BU/DR solution and safeguarding their customers’ data. We were looking for an evolving product with reliability, simplicity and flexibility. And there being no litmus test for choosing the right solution, we had our share of struggles with data recovery and speed issues.

Since we already had our infrastructure in place, we were looking at hosting our own online backup service and increase our profit
margins. We also looked to leverage the infrastructure we had already invested in.

About Vembu

Vembu is a leading provider of a portfolio of software products and cloud services to small and medium businesses for more than a decade. Vembu’s vision is to make software and cloud services very affordable for the hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses worldwide.

Vembu’s flagship offering is the BDR Suite of products meant for on-premise, offsite, cloud backup and disaster recovery across diverse IT environments including physical, virtual, applications and endpoints.

Since 2002, Vembu’s industry-recognized data protection solutions have delivered tangible value to more than 60,000 businesses worldwide through a network of 4000+ partners (MSPs/VARs & Resellers).

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