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Data Integrity Check

Integrity Check Management

This feature verifies the health status of backup data periodically, ensuring the data is restore-ready for each backup job. This is achieved by running integrity check for the last successful incremental for any specified backup job during which the backup data is mount checked, boot checked and its heartbeat check is verified as well. This verification is carried out for every N minutes(Where N is 1200 by default which can be modified by the user).

Information Note:

  • Integrity Check is performed only for image-based backup jobs
  • Boot check requires Hyper-V role to be enabled in Windows Servers and KVM installed in Linux Servers running BDR Backup Server
  • Refer this KB-115079 for detailed requirements to perform Integrity Check
  • Click Management Tab and Select Integrity Check option.
  • The option is enabled, by default.

Mount Check - This verifies the mount status of your backup data, by auto-mounting each backed up disk to disk management and updates the result.

Information Note:

Mount Check is applicable only for Windows servers

Boot Check - This verifies the boot status of your backup data by auto-booting backed up data in Hyper-V Manager(On Windows Server) or KVM(On Linux Server) and updates the result.

Information Note:

The boot check is applicable only for backups containing OS partitions

RAM Size - The value defines the RAM size to be allocated for the VM created during boot check.

HeartBeat CheckTimeout - The value defines the timeout period to check the Boot Status of a backup job.

Run Every - The value defines the time interval between consecutive Integrity Check operations

  • On modifying the default options and values, click Save for the changes to take effect.

Integrity Check on Windows Server

Integrity Check on Linux Server