Installing Vembu Client for Windows Image Backup

Installing ImageBackup Client - Windows

  • Download ImageBackup Client from here - ImageBackup Client and choose the tab Vembu ImageBackup
  • Download the Windows Client installer
  • Run the downloaded installer to deploy the client agent in the machine
  • The installer will check for the following prerequisite packages based on the OS type (32 bit or 64 bit) and will proceed to install them (if not installed previously)
    • Visual C++  2008 redistributable packages x86
    • Visual C++ 2008 redistributable packages x64
    • Visual C++ 2013 redistributable packages x86
    • Visual C++ 2013 redistributable packages x64
    • Visual C++ 2017 redistributable packages x86
    • Visual C++ 2017 redistributable packages x64
  • Once the installation of prerequisites completes, you will be directed to Vembu ImageBackup installation
  • Click Next from the welcome window to begin installing ImageBackup Client
  • Read the Vembu Software License Agreement carefully as it contains important information about your Rights, Restrictions, Obligations, Limitations, and Exclusions. Choose 'I accept the terms in the License Agreement' option and click Next to proceed with the installation
  • The next step is to enter the ImageBackup Client ID. By default, it will be your system name but it is recommended that you give your email ID, since it is globally unique. Click Next
  • Choose the installation option you want to proceed with:
    • Opting for Typical will automatically choose an optimized configuration for your install
    • Proceed with Custom if you want to change the default values. Select the required option and click Next to proceed further with the installation

Information Note:

We recommend choosing Typical as the installation option

  • Proceeding with Custom installation will allow you to choose the installation type. You can install ImageBackup Client as a:
    • Windows application


    • Windows service

Description of what happens when ImageBackup Client is installed as an application or service is explained in the image displayed below

Information Note:

By default, Install as a Windows service will be selected

  • Proceeding further will let you configure log on account for Windows service. You can either:
    • Log-on as a Local System Account or
    • Log-on as a specific user (usually a user with administrator privileges)
  • Proceed to configure the installation location. By default the installation location is set to '<OS installed drive>\Program files'
  • Click the Browse option to configure the installation location. Select the required location and click OK. Once done configuring the installation location, click Next to proceed further in the installation process

Information Note:

At least 500 MB of free disk space is needed for the installation to occur

  • Configure the Web-Console username and password. Provide the login credentials for Web-Console access which is set as username: 'admin' and password: 'admin' by default. Click Next to proceed installing Image Backup Client.
  • Once done configuring the required options, verify the details provided in the final window. Click Install to proceed with the installation
  • At the final step, the ImageBackup Client installation wizard asks whether to:
    • Start ImageBackup Client application
    • Open ImageBackup Client Web Console
  • You can leave the options selected and click Finish or start later.